Pounding on Palin

A few choice parodies...




Fitz Gigs

My friend's younger brother just sent me 7 gigabytes of music. Seven. Mind you, it was entirely unprovoked. Like, "oh by the way, check out this link for some of the new stuff I've acquired." Some?

I owe him an unquantifiable debt, and yet this incredible gift feels like burden... Dear god it will take me a month to get through it all. So exciting, but a real challenge! From The Antiques to The Last Shadow Puppets to Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. (brilliant name, btw)

Standout albums will be noted once I've had a chance to weed them out. In the meantime, don't hold your breath...


"Move over Red Rover, let Joany take over."

Last night I caught the Greg Laswell / Joan as Police Woman show at Cafe du Nord. Greg was pretty standard. His allegedly cheerful tunes are masked in melancholy, and I couldn't help but wonder which of these ballads was written about Mandy Moore.

Joan was the highlight, due in part to her wacked-out costume. (blonde afro wig and witchy black gown - God, she must have been sweltering on that little basement stage) As we waited for the set to begin, I Googled her (see Joan's Wikipedia entry) only to discover she was Jeff Buckley's girlfriend when he tragically drowned. This is a whole different ballgame...

Tuning her guitar after every song, she rambled about nonsense. (including but not limited to goats-as-pets and "scary" Texas tour-stops) I thought - which variety of hallucinogen is this girl on? Is she drugged out of her mind or just really b
ad at multi-tasking? I'll probably never know.

One thing's for sure. This chick is bat-shit crazy. I mean, I love her, but she's crazy.