Gold Mine or Land Mine?

(For the record, I did not write this)

Happy Halloween! Love, Smurfette


Alfredo Jaar and WCW

From the landing page of Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar's website.



(Caltrain, northbound, 3:15pm on October 28)

"So I smoke weed - what the fuck? I'm not staying out late at clubs or nothing like that! I don't need to be drinking and getting all up in the clubs. Naw man my hormones have calmed down its not like that, but come on. Me. And alcohol. And women. At a club, dancing. It's just bad shit. You put those things together and who knows what'll go down. 'Sides, you know I'm a pill-poppin' fool, so you know..."

Political Pumpkins

Take your jack o'lantern carving party to the next level with political pumpkins.


The Notwist, pronounced ??? *

The Notwist at Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco. Image courtesy of Flickr.

I don't follow The Notwist very closely, so I went into the show with a clean slate and few expectations. But they far surpassed my low-set bar and the whole scene made for a pretty enjoyable evening. (aided by lots of yummy Indian food and a couple Tigers, of course)

This band sounds like Death Cab on ecstasy. One minute I think I'm listening to a mellow indie melody and then, often suddenly, a loud jarring noise or pulsating electronic beat is ushered in. While it can be a slightly tumultuous musical journey, it feels logical - like a garage band jam session where every twist and turn of the melody is conversational, and almost predictable.

The lead singer closely resembled a slimmed down version of Silent Bob, only this guy is German. Rather, "Leise Roteberht " -- or maybe its "Roteberht Leise" ? Whatever.

* After a little hunting on YouTube, I located the following interview with band member Martin Greschmann. It seems the band's name is pronounced No-twist...


Poetry, Poetry. Wherefore art thou, Poetry?

Saturday night I attended a friend's poetry reading in Oakland, hosted by Artifact. Will Skinker has single-handly renewed my interest in this art form (which faded many years ago after my high school English teacher tried to shove some garbagey Irish poetry down our throats - so garbagey in fact, I've blocked out the author's name...)

Check out Will's work here:
Word for Word

I also discovered the work of an exciting young artist, Noah Sakamoto. Below, an image of the piece I desperately want to own but probably (nay, definitely) cannot afford.




Magritte Does Boston


Travel Notes to Self:

  • Never take Super Shuttle or any other discount shared van service. It always takes 3x as long as you think it will.
  • Never take public transit to or from the airport if it's dark out. That means it's either too early or too late for the hassle. And there's a good chance the trains and buses aren't running anyway. You'll get stranded.
  • The security scanners mess with the magnetic strip on BART tickets. Your prepaid card will almost always get f***ed up.
  • Travel is ridiculously stressful. Go with with expectation that you will have delays, miss connections, lose sleep, snap at strangers, eat Xanax like it's candy and possibly cry.
  • You're an adult. You make a decent living. Swallow the guilt and take a cab.

More Laughs at Sarah's expense...

God Bless Terry Tate...


Filthy symphony...

Last night, I caught 75% of the Brightblack Morning Light show at Cafe du Nord. Despite the fact that these aficionados likely haven't bathed in nearly a decade, their sound was pretty remarkable. I was warned by a friend who went saw the Tuesday night show that they were so good, he wondered if they were in fact pulling an Ashlee Simpson and lip-syncing to prerecorded tunes. But these guys are the real deal. Absolutely filthy, but quite talented. Too bad they didn't go on until 11pm... I left around midnight, a bit past my bedtime, but well worth the sleep lost...

Sadly I missed the opening acts I heard so much about - the musical "group" with no humans, rather a projection of psychedelic screen savers, set to "celestial" music. Lucky for us both, all this swirly-colored wonderment is available gratis online. Check it: Iasos


Shake your tambourine, go an' get yourself a whistlin'

JD Rocks

Rare footage - you saw it here first....


John McCain is NOT my friend

Last night's debate was borderline unbearable... If John McCain utters the words "my friends" into a microphone one more time I'm going to barf.



Sigur Rós: Setlist

Source: Flickr

Sigur Rós at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley

01 svefn-g-englar
02 glósóli
03 ný batterí
04 við spilum endalaust
05 hoppípolla
06 með blóðnasir
07 festival
08 fljótavík
09 e-bow
10 sæglópur
11 inní mér syngur vitleysingur
12 hafsól
13 gobbledigook
14 popplagið

Source: my (crappy) iphone camera

Fun fact: Lead singer Jonsi Birgisson is blind in his right eye and a vegetarian.
Fun fact: Von and Olsen Olsen are sung in Hopelandic, a made up language.
Source: Wikipedia


What I'm Listening To, archive

  • Room Without a Key - Studio
  • Starstruck - Santogold
  • Phenomena - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Lights & Music - Cut Copy
  • .38.45 - Thievery Corporation
  • Collapsing at Your Doorstep - Air France
  • Lump Sum - Bon Iver
  • Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck
  • Hussy - Crystal Skulls
  • Tribulations - LCD Soundsystem