The Notwist, pronounced ??? *

The Notwist at Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco. Image courtesy of Flickr.

I don't follow The Notwist very closely, so I went into the show with a clean slate and few expectations. But they far surpassed my low-set bar and the whole scene made for a pretty enjoyable evening. (aided by lots of yummy Indian food and a couple Tigers, of course)

This band sounds like Death Cab on ecstasy. One minute I think I'm listening to a mellow indie melody and then, often suddenly, a loud jarring noise or pulsating electronic beat is ushered in. While it can be a slightly tumultuous musical journey, it feels logical - like a garage band jam session where every twist and turn of the melody is conversational, and almost predictable.

The lead singer closely resembled a slimmed down version of Silent Bob, only this guy is German. Rather, "Leise Roteberht " -- or maybe its "Roteberht Leise" ? Whatever.

* After a little hunting on YouTube, I located the following interview with band member Martin Greschmann. It seems the band's name is pronounced No-twist...


Jaime said...

L - much love for the review, and for the insight/intell re: pronunciation. no more are the days when i say it both ways, sneakily trying to see whether the person i am talking too has any clue either, or just thinks i am weird.