hey you (yes you)

A few funny excerpts from Missed Connections...

hey you - m4w (yes you)

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Date: 2008-11-12, 1:06PM PST

why do some women play the hard to get card, when it is obvious they are attracted to the man? i know part of it is to test how far he will go to win her. but she has to draw the line somewhere. at some point, it simply becomes ridiculous. he becomes her tool. he does not like being a tool. is she playing this card in order to hide her actual lack of appeal once he really gets to know her? and is she afraid he will lose interest too quickly once this happens? from the outside, she's one of the cutest creatures that's ever walked the planet in his eyes. but beyond that, there's a vague sense of emptiness. maybe she shouldnt be afraid of showing herself in full. most men would lose interest in the chase, being as long as she's strung it out, before they gain interest in her as a person. give him a chance. balance it out. ok bye.

to my future wife - m4w - 34

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Date: 2008-11-07, 3:16PM PST

what was that? sorry, i wasn't listening.

get over yourself... - w4m - 32 (mission district)

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Date: 2008-11-13, 12:01AM PST

we have a mutual liking for each other. i'm willing to go the distance. you're not.

i'm moving on...