"You Smell Like a Baby Prostitute."

Lykke Li (pronounced like Luka, so I hear) hit the stage at the Independent on Saturday night with a look that was part 80s-revival-meets-indie-rock, part child porn star. (ie: innocent face hiding behind thick black eye makeup, bra showing... you get it)

Aside from her oddly sensual dance moves, the 22 year-old Swedish singer's bizarro erotic performance was very entertaining - not amazing, but totally enjoyable. Perhaps my satisfaction stemmed from low expectations going into the show... two friends who caught her act in New York and DC cautioned me and spoke of their disappointment, agreeing that "this girl desperately wants to be famous." The forewarning was totally accurate. Actually I'll add to the assessment by saying, "this chick definitely wants to be famous and she really loves her own tits."

Check out a video of Lykke here.

The opening act, Friendly Fires, stole the show that night. Their lead singer also had whacked-out dance moves that were more disturbing than cool, but his voice made up for these shortcomings. Too bad the debut cd blows.... doesn't do the live performance justice in the slightest...