Rock n' Roll Wishes and Stratocaster Dreams

Overall, I'm a pretty reserved girl. I hate karaoke. I blackout during public speaking engagements. I rarely raise my voice. (unless provoked by a Comcast customer service representative.. in that case, all bets are off) Despite my reticence, I always dreamed of wailing on an electric guitar, and in those dreams, I play Pearl Jam. Exclusively.

For my nineteenth birthday, I strong-armed my parents into buying me a cherry red Fender Strat. Turns out, I should have listened when my mom reminded me of my past musical endeavors. (violin: 1 year, piano: 7 years, no practice, only song I could ever play was the Ukrainian Bell Carol, which I have since forgotten) Sadly, the instructional dvds never did the trick and - this is the excuse I like tell people - my hands are very small, and it's difficult to play the good chords. After a few years gathering dust, my Fender found a loving home via Craigslist.

I still get a little choked up when I hear a good PJ tune, remembering fondly the badass image of me kicking ass in my daydreams. I conveniently gloss over my failures in reality.