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Flowers are so 2008.

Fleurs Mecaniques is the latest creative of master perfumer Frederic Malle. According to the website, it is "an aesthetically pleasing machine which is capable of diffusing a completely natural odor of a bouquet of flowers upon request."

At $380, its a pricey bouquet, but at least these buds never die...

Read about it in Forbes.



Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a custom digital snowflake...

Make your own at www.flakemaker.com.


Jersey Shore

This show looks incredible and the Jersey Shore Name Generator from Unlikely Words is a noteworthy byproduct.

You can call me L-Scream...


Quote of the Day

"I'm not feeling well. Going through Kleenex boxes like they're on sale."
- Q


Evolution of a Hipster

Evolution of a Hipster, Paste Magazine


Happy Turkey Day!


First Date Faux Pas

Twitter #nottosayonfirstdate


D.U.I.? You think?


Facebook is Socially Awkard


Clean NYC in 2030

NO TRASH NYC 2030 from IDEO on Vimeo.


Reason #531 Facebook is F-ed

This is just wrong...

"Facebook to keep profiles of the dead," NPR


Leave It To Lamas?

Um, no. Why?

"May there be many adventures on the road to our adventure."
- Lorenzo Lamas, to his date

And, we're done.


Maeda + Burt Inspiration

The latest from 20x200:

think-make-think (second editon) by Clifton Burt, based on a haiku by John Maeda.

How do I feel about haikus? Like this:

at Threadless


Recipe: The Violet Beauregarde

The Violet Beauregarde*

1 oz gin (we recommend New Amsterdam, which is both thrifty and decent)
3 oz tonic
A splash of violet liqueur (we recommend Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette, available at Zipp’s)
Lowball glass

Throw four or five small ice cubes into the lowball glass. Pour in an ounce of gin, and then three ounces of tonic. Stir briefly. Splash in enough violet liqueur to give the drink a light purple tint — use restraint!

Read more here.

Shadow Puppets for Grown-Ups



You Learn Something New Every Day...

As long as you look at this website, anyway...

- CargoCollective.com


Early Morning Hallucinations


Molotov Cocktail

Image Courtesy of e-How

How I'm describing one aspect of my life at the moment: a Molotov cocktail.

The Molotov cocktail, also known as the petrol bomb, gasoline bomb, or Molotov bomb, or simply Molotov, is a generic name used for a variety of improvised incendiary weapons. They are frequently used by rioters due to their relatively easy mode of production.
- Wikipedia

The key takeaway: just because something seems relatively easy to build doesn't mean it can't be massively destructive.


The Awesomeness Manifesto

Speaks for itself.
The Awesomeness Manifesto

Lost in Translation

Funny Persian translations:

Don’t look at me left left (don’t look at me the wrong way)
I hit the ground and my father came out (I fell and hurt myself)
You don’t know salt (you are ungrateful)


Bon Iver takes on The Fillmore

This one probably makes it onto my the Top Five Shows of All Time list...

Five favorite moments:

  1. Justin Vernon's "little brother" Mikey* covering Graham Nash's Simple Man.**
  2. Vernon, solo beneath a spotlight, for a moving performance of Re: Stacks. He skipped this one in last year's show at Outside Lands, so I was pretty happy he made up for it this time around.
  3. He wrapped the pre-encore show with a little audience participation I can actually appreciate. The crowd joined in for the repetition in The Wolves, climaxing in a mighty yell. Screaming = the ultimate release.
  4. As a band we only have, like, ten songs. So you know, we gotta stretch em out." - JV
  5. "Anyone like House of Nanking? I had lunch there today... the best lunch probably ever." - JV. Man knows his Chinese food.

* thanks to Wikipedia, I know Mikey is not Vernon's younger brother, but his former guitar student.
**Watch it for yourself:


You're Invited: Join the Recessionista Club

Get on the cash saving train! CH and I are living by new rules - see below:

1. Don't talk about Recessionista Club. What? No! Talk about it, brag about it. It's cool to save big bucks. (insert Comcast commercial)

2. It's okay to eat nothing but Cheerios for two weeks instead of returning your new jeans.

3. People make money in lots of creative ways. You can too. Try:
  • Focus groups: Ecker Research or Fleischman Field Research (Bay Area only)
  • Sell your clothes: Cris for high-end, Crossroads for everything else
  • Sell your DVDs: These will be worthless soon, so you might as well sell them now. Digitize with Handbrake and save to your hard drive, then bring them to Streetlight or Rasputin. If you sell more than 10 at Rasputin they'll give you a coupon for a free slice at Blondies. Cash + free dinner = big score.
  • Babysitting: This is a cash cow. Tax free, upwards of $15/hr and access to premium cable for an evening.
  • Tutoring: I haven't tried this one but apparently you can make serious cash helping 6th graders with their math homework. Assuming you can do 6th grade math. Questionable...
4. You don't have to shell out tons of money to have a good time in this city:
  • Art events: First Thursdays at 49 Geary offer fine art, and often free wine and snacks. Some auction house sales and openings will as well.
  • Free movies in Dolores Park
5. Two words: Trader Joe's. Stay the hell away from Whole Foods for the love of god. Unless of course you're going for the Chicken Chili Verde. Hidden in the soup section, this tasty treat offers enough food for 4 meals for only $12, and it comes in a cute Mason jar for you to keep.

6. Black beans: Dirt cheap and nutritious. Check out my old Brian's Beans post for a good recipe.

7. If you work someplace with a kitchen like CH and I, make the most of it. Leftover breakfast foods like a bagel with peanut butter make a pretty satisfying (and free) lunch.

8. Take the bus. Not as glamorous or efficient as a taxi, but your wallet will thank you. Use the extra time to dig around in your iPod for forgotten favorites. Or better yet, read a book. (novel concept, pun intended)

9. Shop in your own closet. You might be surprised what you find and what can be easily cropped, pinned, tucked and rolled to look cooler than when you bought it.


Pilgrims Do It Better

Lisztomania (Classixx Version) - Phoenix
Melo Do Tabacco (XXXChange Remix) - Bonde Do Role
Public Enemy - Mapei
2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted - 2Pac w/ Snoop Dogg
Heartbeats - The Knife
S'Vive - Bibio
Lady Don't Tek No - Latyrx
It Gets Your Body Movin' - Suckers
Brother 3:57 - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Southern Point - Grizzly Bear
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
Tidal - Imogen Heap
Crystalised - The xx
Angels -Wax Poetic with Norah Jones
My Love - JJ
Behind the Mountains - Japancakes
Higher Ground - Weekend Players
Keeping Warm - We Were Promised Jetpacks


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Read this:
Asserting Your Social Status With Your Facebook Status, New York Magazine

Hear this:
Empire of the Sun, Walking on a Dream

Hike this:
Mt. Tamalpais trails

Shop this:
Charles& Marie



Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party from William Castleman on Vimeo.


"Someone Wrote That Down..."

I'm very late to the Paula Poundstone party - since judging from her garb in this clip, its from the early 90s. But thankfully HBO recognizes this timeless humor and replayed it for me last night.

Eight lotions does not a bottle of shampoo make.


Sh** My Dad Says

In my experience, the only time Twitter is cool...



Your Personalized Web Persona

Hats off to MITers for this cool visualization of my Internet presence. How accurate is it? Jury's out. Here's mine from yesterday and today.



Not sure what changed overnight but I did something very unprofessional. And apparently I'm sporty? Highly debatable.

Try it yourself here.


The Perfect Date

(forward to 0:33)


Quote of the Day

"Hydration is a big deal."

True story.

Kitten Girl Does It Again


R.I.P. Harry Patch

Thousands Mourn Britain’s Oldest Warrior, by John F. Burns, The New York Times

Radiohead composed a song in his memory - listen here.


What's for Dinner?

A couple hits from last night's dinner...

Tomatillo and Shrimp Shooters (Courtesy of Rachael Ray)

12 store-bought cooked shrimp
Juice of 2 limes, divided
1 jar good quality tomatillo salsa
1/4 cup cilantro leaves, finely chopped
1/4 cup parsley leaves, finely chopped
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
12 shot glasses

In a medium mixing bowl, toss shrimp and juice of 1 lime together.
In another mixing bowl combine the tomatillo salsa with cilantro, parsley, lime juice, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Fill the shot glasses with the tomatillo salsa mixture and stick one shrimp in or off the side of each shot glass.
Yields 12 shooters

Bacon-Wrapped Dried Plums with Blue Cheese and Balsamic-Honey Glaze (Courtesy of Parties that Cook)

9 ounces of thinly-sliced bacon, cut in half
2 ounces soft blue cheese
3 ounces cream cheese
∏ teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
Pinch of kosher salt
24 pitted dried plums (prunes)
1/2 cup balsamic
1 1/2 Tablespoons honey

Preheat oven to 350ºF.

Bacon: Lay the cut bacon on a cooling rack over a sheet pan. Transfer to the oven and partially cook the bacon (only 5 minutes).

Make Stuffing: Using a hand mixer or fork, mix the blue cheese and cream cheese together. Add the thyme and salt. Chill in freezer for 5 minutes.

Stuff Prunes: Using a pastry bag fitted with π-inch tip, stuff each prune with 1 teaspoon of the cheese mixture. Wrap with a piece of partially cooked bacon and fasten with a toothpick.

Broil: Place on a baking pan and broil on one side until the bacon starts to brown (about 2-3 minutes). Turn and finish cooking until the bacon is crisp (another 2-3 minutes). If left too long under the broiler, the cheese will melt and ooze out. Transfer to a platter, garnish platter with a few sprigs of thyme.

Balsamic Glaze: Combine balsamic and honey in a sauté pan and simmer/reduce for 2 minutes. Drizzle or brush over plated prunes.


Food Tastes Better on a Stick

Minnesota State Fair Eats: Everything on a Stick and Then Some!, foodspiration

Best dessert on a stick: Cheesecake Lollipop Tree at David Burke in Las Vegas

My all-time favorite stickworthy snack:

Image courtesy of Flickr.


In case you were wondering why the USPS is losing money...

Image courtesy of MH


Starbucks Goes Back to Basics

Starbucks is getting back to their roots as a local coffee spot. Who's fooled?


The Noisettes at Rickshaw Stop

For a relatively anti-climatic new album, the Noisettes show last night was spectacular. Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa is total super-star - shockingly beautiful with seemingly limitless energy and a flare for the dramatic. Oh and she plays bass. That's rad, and she knows it.

She bounced around stage for a couple hours, her rich, raspy vocals never skipping a beat. Just when you thought she couldn't get much cooler, she emerged in the back of the club for her encore and literally swung from the rafters while belting a sultry ballad. If her band can settle on a theme (they waver between Sharon Jones-esque soul and Rolling Stones rock and are in desperate need of a more cohesive vibe, in my opinion) they could go a long way. That said, I'd prefer she fly solo. Shingai is a much better name anyway...

If It Ain't Broke...

The evolution of cola logos...


Black is the New Green

The Black Pixel Project saves energy by stripping pixels...

“A Black Pixel saves 0.057 Watts per hour. A million black pixels save the equivalent of 1,425 lamps per hour.”

Learn more here.


Playing with Space and Light

Artist Olafur Eliasson explored the concept of space and time in his 2008 exhibition, Take Your Time at SFMoMA. (one of my favorites)

Check out his TED talk from earlier this year that just went live...


Weekend Reading List: Pillow Love

Pillow talk, literally:

PHENOMENON: Love in 2-D, by Lisa Katayama, The New York Times
For some Japanese men, body-pillow girlfriends based on comic-book
characters now take the place of the real thing....

Metro music:

Pearls Before Breakfast, by Gene Weingarten, Washington Post
Can one of the nation's great musicians cut through the fog of a D.C. rush hour?

A note from Mom:

What, Mom worry? by Linda Matchan, The Boston Globe


A Little Wedding Inspiration

JK+PG - you're all over this...


Pitch-Perfect Pop

Why do most songs on the radio sound so glossy while those same performers appear tone-deaf in person? A little thing called Auto-Tune...

Auto-Tune: Why Pop Music Sounds Perfect, by Josh Tyrangiel, Time

Jay-Z: 'the anti-auto-tune record was Kanye West's idea'

Auto-Tune the News, by Claire Suddath, Time

My least favorite offender of the AT: Chris "Dirtball" Brown (although honestly, my negative sentiments have zero to do with electronics)

More Delightful Digital Experiences

"Highly unannoying" spam

Type it again!

Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce


Another Delightful Digital Experience: Oh, Snap!

Courtesy of PatternTap

Baby Mama?


The Success of the World Wide Interwebs

Astounding: e-commerce spending was 15% of the GDP in 2008...
See it here: http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/2988/27062201.jpg

Another Delightful Digital Experience

Reinventing Interaction, by Alice Rawsthorn, The New York Times

STOP. Vader-time.

Stone Cold Marbles

The debate over the Parthenon remnants continues...

Abroad: Elgin Marble Argument in a New Light, by Michael Kimmelman, The New York Times

The Lovely Stones, by Christopher Hitchens, Hellenic Antidote


Weekend Reading List: "I am a jelly doughnut"

What’s a Culture Snob to Do? by James Wolcott, Vanity Fair

10 Weird Ways to Distribute Music, by Eliot Van Buskirk, WIRED

In honor of my recent adventures in Istanbul:
Turkish Novelist Wins Nobel Prize: Orhan Pamuk Explores How East Can Meet West, by Bob Thompson, The Washington Post

In honor of my recent adventures in Berlin:

Little know fact (courtesy of my dad)
"To show his solidarity, Jack Kennedy said to a large crowd "Ich bin ein Berliner" intending to say I (too) am a citizen of the city. He should have said "ich bin Berliner" because by adding the article "ein" it changed the meaning. A "Berliner" is also a pastry. So, what he really said was something close to "I am a jelly doughnut."


Another Delightful Digital Experience

It's the little things that bring smiles on a Wednesday...


This post is definitely a little late (no computers on vacation, hallelujah) but after watching approximately 6 hours of Larry King Live and replays of Paris Jackson's tearful address at MJ's memorial, I figured I'd throw a few good tribute links up on the blog.

FYI CNN is the only Berlin TV channel in English.

Billie Tweets: a Twitter tribute to Michael J

Eternal Moonwalk: cool web animation mimicking the King of Pop's signature slide.


"Canada is not the threat that once it used to be"

Website of the Day: XLR8R


London is Over

My tour of England's capital officially wraps tomorrow morning at 4am as I load myself in a car to the airport. Obviously I was a total delinquent about documenting the trip in detail - hopefully I'll be better about Istanbul, Berlin and Prague over the next nine days...

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind - a virtual postcard for the "work hard, play hard" lifestyle. Highlights include:

  • Charlie Beach's leek and fennel risotto paired with some ridiculous '97 red his father won in a court battle (what?)
  • The 80 year old man at Janet's that, after housing two bottles of champagne, propositioned me and K
  • Going to Raffles and while in line asking, what is this place? The British chick beside me said, "oh honey that's so sweet, you really don't know." (newsflash honey, it ain't that cool)
  • PJ's potato latkes
  • Coach & Horses pints and Scotch eggs
  • Wine & goss on the roofdeck
  • Teaching my friend how to wear a belt
  • Primrose Hill
  • Sale season
  • Heat wave

Dare to Wear

Always wanted to dress up your best friend/boyfriend/co-worker/brother/neighbor in something heinous and make him/her wear it in public? Now's your chance.

Wear Dare Part 1
, Vice Magazine

Image courtesy of Vice Magazine

An "Oops" Inspiration

Clever 404 page for a Tattoo website, courtesy of Pattern Tap.


Marco? Polo.


The Boss Don't Quit

That man is a g-damn machine. Sixty years old and he plays for 3 hours straight, sweating through his beater and button up in the first 30 minutes, all after playing for 3 hours at Glastonbury the night before. Machine.

The only complaint I heard all night was a Brit and an Aussie bemoaning the fact that he never played Born in the USA. I conjectured that perhaps he doesn't play that song outside of the US, considering the majority of the crowd would not have been 'born in the USA.' Evidently this was not a good enough reason for these chaps, but secretly I was pleased, being the only American in the bunch and therefore sharing something special with The Boss that they did not.

Other than that, there was a lot of love for Brucie in Londontown, and I can say with confidence it was a top five performance for me...


***London Calling
She's The One
Outlaw Pete
Out In The Street
Working On A Dream
Johnny 99
***Good Lovin'
Bobby Jean
No Surrender
Waiting On A Sunny Day
Promised Land
Racing In The Street
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
***The Rising
***Born To Run
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Hard Times
American Land
Glory Days
***Dancing In The Dark

*** = my favorites of the night

The crowd...

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, by Stephen Dalton, Times Online

A little video...


Sustainability is like sex...


Belgian B.S.

"I feel asleep while the nice man was tattooing my face and didn't realize he was covering my mug with 8,000 little blue stars."


A New Way of Talking

Britishisms I'm picking up along the way, along with a (moderately) creative use in a sentence...

crap: This proposal is crap.
rubbish: We need new rubbish bins in the office.
zed: The alphabet includes letters A through Zed.
dental tape: On a recent visit to Boots, I asked the tender, "where is the floss" and he looked confused, because he calls it dental tape.
telly: Brits watch a lot of old American sitcoms on the telly.
chuck: We're encouraged to chuck rubbish in the rubbish bins.
dodgy: Luckily my corporate housing is not in a dodgy neighborhood.
football: David Beckham is great at football. Dan Marino is great at American football - LACES OUT!
trainers/trainies: I brought my trainies to work so I could go for a run.
blimey: Oh, blimey!
bollocks: Oh, bollocks!


Don't Talk Back to Darth Vadar

Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity

How To Defend Yourself Against a Monster


London: Week 1

One week down, 5 to go...

Not that it's a countdown - sounds sort of doomsday that way, when really it will be terribly sad when the whole tour ends.

Wednesday to Saturday I was pretty worthless, recovering from jet lag and getting my bearings. I did start a pretty awesome tradition of eating my breakfast on the office roof deck...

Weekend was spent wandering my new neighborhood (Islington) and my old favorites, Chelsea and Fulham. I attended the Frock Me! Vintage fair, overindulged at friend's BBQ and attended a toga party chock-a-block with frat-tastic Americans dressed in sheets in the middle of central London. Because God forbid my first weekend of European acclimation be a total culture shock...

Last night I met up with some friends at the only certified-organic gastro pub in London, the Duke of Cambridge. A pint and a few wild boar sausages later, I'm thinking the organic movement in London is a very good thing. Also pretty happy about the two American-ized breakfast places I discovered on the walk over, The Diner and The Breakfast Club. In general, Brits don't have a good grasp of a quality breakfast, so good to know I can get an omelette nearby if need-be. FYI, a "traditional English breakfast" is a very different phenomenon that involves tomatos and beans. Sometimes a gherkin. Ick.

With week 2 underway, I'm getting excited for a Farringdon pub crawl with Max on his 11 hour layover en-route to India, planning a weekend trip to Copenhagen and a Sunday visit to Spitalfields Market.


"Friend of Yours?" asks Dodson


In the Spirit of Covers...

Since I'm way too frenetic today to write/think/function...


Superior Hospital Beds? You Decide...

Do you prefer the Cold War Kids original,

or the latest from Florence & The Machine?

(Hint: the answer starts with an F and ends with Machine...)


Wednesday Reading

On hybrid cars:
Honda Insight 1.3 IMA SE Hybrid, by Jeremy Clarkson, The Times UK

On Grand Central:
Space Without Ads Makes Its Own Statement at Grand Central, by David W. Dunlap, The New York Times

On coffee:
Good to the last drop: New research suggests drinking coffee might actually be good for you, by Judy Foreman, The Boston Globe

On lung cancer
Patient Voices: Lung Cancer, The New York Times

On Christian Bale:
Movie Review: Terminator Salvation (2009), by A.O. Scott, The New York Times (for the pictures mostly)

Slow Your Chew

Chart: Time Spent Eating vs. National Obesity Rate, PSFK.com


What Do You Aspire To Be?

Promotional video from my client, KODA...


Comedy Corner: Ms. Coppock

My next-door neighbor from childhood, a talented comedian, demonstrates that a small chest does not indicate a small personality...

Exercise Tips from Elmo and Mrs. Obama


Pooh on Pig Flu

Swine Pooh Moment, Cell 2 Soul

A Morning Lesson in Counting



Happy Mom's Day :)


The Director of Fun?

I'm pretty sure this guy asked us to cut-a-rug last night at Tres Agaves...


Best birthday card of the day...

Thanks JJ :)


A Little Monday Morning Inspiration


Bird Boogie

"That darned bird has better dance moves than I do!!"
- my mom

Birds boogie away the notion that rhythm is reserved for just us, by Carolyn Y. Johnson, The Boston Globe


In case you didn't think flying was dangerous enough....

May Day, Cinco de Mayo Cumpleaños and a Pig Plague Pity Party

Thanks to over-reactive media and Mexican farmers doing god-knows-what to Babe, I've postponed/possibly canceled my birthday vacay to Cabo. Boo! What's the best way to deal with disappointment? Cocktails.

In the spirit of vengeance, I considered a pig roast in the park, but I'm unclear on the legality and feasibility of this plan, given the short lead time to track down a swine-on-a-stick. Instead, I've planned a gathering at Latin American Club tonight (an homage to Mexico) to celebrate May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Swine Flu and the fact that my birthday lands square in the middle of these events.

I've requested the following required attire:

Considering the direness of the situation, (level 5 pandemic, worldwide crisis, mass-death) perhaps my party is a bit déclassé, so apologies to anyone offended by the aforementioned plan.

My favorite Yelp post on L.A.C.:

Ahhh...the Pint of Margarita. It never fails to provide an evening of unpredictable excitement and intrigue. I try to cap it at one. Never go here in a snuggie, though, it's very packed, and therefore a tad warm.

I'll lend my ear to anyone who mentions Snuggies on Yelp...

What I'm Listening To, archive

* Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
* Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
* Thom Yorke - Black Swan
* James Hunter - Hand It Over
* Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric
* Bonobo - Days to Come
* Devotchka - This Place is Haunted
* Home Video - Gas Tank
* These New Puritans - Costume
* T.I. - Dead and Gone



The building next door to my office is being demolished. See that little neon yellow door on the right? That's our entrance.


One poorly-aimed swing of the wrecking ball and I'm history. Fingers crossed, people.


Cabo Wabo and the Pig Plague: Wocka Wocka

Image courtesy of MosNews.com

I've spent the last 12 hours frenetically Googling the swine flu epidemic in anticipation of my Thursday vacay to Cabo. This emotional roller coaster, fueled by over-reactive media and gossipy acquaintances, is giving me early-onset dementia. "They're closing the borders!" "1,000 people in the US have died!" F that - I'm going to refrain from kissing farmers and licking pigs. I might steer clear of carnitas, just to be safe. Sad.

My favorite report of the day:

Swine Flu Panic: Bullshit
, by Hamilton Nolan, Gawker.com

Quickly, don your paper masks! Stay indoors! The dirty Mexican pig influenza is here, to sicken you! Wocka wocka.


"She say, I got a whole blunt in the morning. You know she get crazy in the morning. She say, well shit, you don't get to have none then. HA! Drop it likes its haaaawt. Drop it like it hot."

- anonymous man on the F train, 7:35 am.


Sweden's Got... Talent?

This clip from Sweden's Got Talent is disturbing and hilarious on so many levels. The most important being that I received this link from my mother...

Weekend Reading

Hanging Tough, by James Surowiecki, The New Yorker

Nielsen: Facebook Use Outstrips E-mail, The Deal

...and since 3 different people have recommended this article to me in the past 2 days, I'll read it again.
Wall Street on the Tundra, by Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair

...for when I get tired of reading: literal videos


Brains + Brawn = Bill


Older Smiling Man (otherwise known as ultra-creepy-old-guy-who-makes-me-want-to-wear-a-snowsuit-in-July)


World Wide Whine

Online spots to vent about your latest tragedy.

Legit problems: F My Life

Instructions: Tell about something unbelievably awful and wrap the story with "F my life"
Example: Today, I got T-boned by a woman going 60 mph. I was unconscious for hours while a tube was inserted into my collapsed lung. Upon waking up my 16-year old brother thought it would be hilarious to yank out my leg hairs. FML

BS problems: White Wine
Instructions: Typical poor-me whine fest for people mediocre problems
Example: “What’s with this winter dragging on and on? I just want to drive the Saab with the top down.”


It's Called, "The Internet"

"It's very hip to be on the Internet right now" - Bill Gates, 1995


Barack vs. Pirates

Pirates Killed, The Atlantic

Total Recall is Totally Happening

Amazing 3D immersion technology from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.


I Heart Mindy Kaling

I'm not sure how I missed this until now, but my favorite comedic actress/writer (Mindy Kaling, of The Office) has a blog. A semi-mindless journal about things she's bought that she likes - appropriately named, thingsiboughtthatilove.com.

In the words of Cher Horowitz, I am totally, butt-crazy in love with Mindy Kaling. I don't know if it's our shared love of words like douchebaggy and batshit crazy, or her tendency to address readers as "you guys" - but I literally cannot get my act together when I read this blog, my new guilty pleasure.

A few of my favorite recent posts:

Tiny Injustices

I particularly enjoy the opener:

This blog is for things that I bought that I love so much that I want to recommend them to other people. I know that it’s not a soapbox for me to rant. But then I was like: who made that rule? I can do whatever the F I want on my weird blog no one reads. If Bono can constantly be talking about Africa I can occasionally complain about tiny shit that bothers me. So I will gripe. A few things lately just seem so utterly beyond the pale to me...

Mindy, I hear you, girl! I now believe I have full license to rant and rave on this randy blog o' mine, because why the F not - what a dumb rule.

Holiday Ideers & Notions

A ruffled satin Prada bag from the resort collection. Unsane. $1295 at bergdorfgoodman.com I saw this at neiman marcus over Thanksgiving (my mom and I were walking through Neiman’s to get to the Food Court for burritos, full disclosure) and I made her come to the super luxe Prada bag section where it was just us two and this very serious well-dressed Persian lady who totally knew we weren’t going to buy anything. I made a big show of it like, “Oh, I would totally buy this, but it’s not exactly right.” and pretended like it was completely fine to drop over a thousand dollars on a non-functional ruffle purse. She didn’t buy it.

My mom basically lives in a mall. If I tossed a penny out her living room window it would land on the roof of Saks. Truly. So I have to walk through Saks to get to most things, like the gym (well, more often the food court) and I often stop and fake-browse so the salespeople don't bust me for using the leathergoods department as a thruway. What I'm saying is, Mindy might be my soul-sister.

The Double-Breasted Cardigan

Cardigans look great on everyone. You can look slinky or professorial depending on the cut, but they’re basically hard to mess up. So why try to improve an already great thing? Well, why add shimmer to eyeshadow? Things evolve, people, and make everyone’s lives easier. I think this is basically the thinking behind the Industrial Revolution.

Eyeshadow = evolution. Logically.


David Sedaris: Six to Eight Black Men


SeeqPod - Playable Search


Sasha's Allowance

Hilarious... I'm totally craving a juice box.

2008 Tax Records Reveal Sasha Obama Made $136 In Allowance Money, The Onion