As I sped through Civic Center station on the way to work this morning, I did a double take. Is that Barack and Malia plastered next to the newly rebranded Tropicana orange juice bottle? Oh wait, no, that's just a couple of models that happen to look exactly like them in a familiar pose.

I get that everyone and their mother is capitalizing on America (and the world's) big love for the new prez. Why not? His charisma is infectious. He's probably the greatest guy I could ever hope to know. But the "Squeeze" OJ campaign feels a bit gratuitous...

I see TMZ agrees. (see Yes We Tropicana) They offer the following update:

A rep for Tropicana tells us, "While the similarity was unintentional, it's good to hear that the images in our new Tropicana campaign entitled "Squeeze, it's a natural" are resonating with consumers and are reflective of American families - even the first family. We're glad to see they squeeze too."

Unintentional, puh-lease.