Why to Avoid Talking Sh** About Your Client on Twitter:

In case you needed another reason to avoid Facebook/Twitter/etc, check this out: How Not to be a Key Online Influencer, DavidHenderson.com

I hope Ketchum got smart and fired that man. This whole scenario feels very 2004 - haven't we all learned not to photograph ourselves in compromising situations or post blasphemous comments about friends/family/co-workers/clients/anyone else we wouldn't want to know what we really think? You'd think someone who gallivants as a social media expert would be acutely aware of these rules...

I couldn't help but post my reaction to the following comment from the author:

.. this lack of transparency and openness is troubling, in my opinion, especially for a large public relations firm.

Right, about as shocking as declaring Hugh Hefner has a penchant for blondes.

While a lack of transparency in any aspect of business is troubling, it’s not all that surprising in the world of PR. The industry, in many cases, prospers from reshaping the truth to make it appear like something else. “Spin” is biased by definition, and more often than not, disingenuous.

Mr. Andrews has no business speaking on the use of social media, period.