Nightmares Make for Good Dreams

Last week, Nightmares on Wax (a personal favorite) took the stage at The Independent. Objectively, the show was outstanding - despite a late start, (11pm on a Wednesday) he had the sold-out crowd hoppin' and groovin' into the wee hours. Now, had I anticipated this upbeat tempo, I would have adjusted my expectations and been completely enthralled with N.O.W.'s musical stylings. Unfortunately, I'm an old-school fan and remain loyal to tracks like Les Nuits and Fire in the Middle. These mellow, trip-hop tunes don't lend themselves to dancing or jumping, rather their entrancing nature is best suited for naptime or a similarly slow and relaxing activity. (ie: I probably should have treated myself to a pre-show Red Bull instead of a chicken pot pie) While I'm disappointed he skipped those signature slow-jams that lull me to sleep so well, turns out all the dancing yields a similar result.