Travel Notes to Self, Part 2

It's important to take a time-out every so often and treat yourself to a massage and a little lounging, maybe a hot-tub when available. But it is equally important that the hassles of pulling it off not outweigh the benefits.

Take, for example, this past weekend when I took a spa trip to Palm Springs. Highlights include: reuniting with an old friend, spa treatments, a brisk desert mountain hike, lots of red wine and a metric ton of black truffle mac and cheese.

That said, this trip was not without its disappointments, as all mini-breaks often have, including a weekend of rain and nightmarish travel delays. These misfortunes aside, the real trouble is that I can't quite afford a luxurious spa weekend at a fancy boutique hotel in Palm Springs. Every glass of wine, every encounter with the valet, reminded me of my steadily dwindling bank account. Therefore I've decided that until I can hand over my Visa guilt free, time to reel in my time-outs.

Travel note to self: If you don't have serious bills to drop, make the spa getaway a little less far away.