"It's CORAline, not Caroline"

Last night I caught Coraline in 3D. Is 3D a retro and semi-outdated technology? Yes. Is it worth the extra $3? Yes. Is Tim Burton bat-shit crazy? YES.

  • Perhaps the most visually exquisite movie I've seen - even without the 3D effects.
  • Tim Burton is bat-shit crazy.
  • The theater upped the anty and handed out legit glasses, thick-rimmed and black ala Risky Business.
  • Hands down the weirdest movie I've ever seen. At times I wondered if I should have taken a hallucinogen prior to entering. At other times, I was thanking god I passed on grass.
  • My friend had terrifying nightmares about buttons. In mine, the world fell apart around me, pixel by pixel.
  • Dakota Fanning's sporadic Michigan accent. I'm a huge fan of the Midwestern inflection, so I would have appreciated a more thorough effort on her part.
Pro? Con? You decide:
  • Perfect casting for Coraline's 'rexic psycho-mom: Teri Hatcher.
Official trailer: