The building next door to my office is being demolished. See that little neon yellow door on the right? That's our entrance.


One poorly-aimed swing of the wrecking ball and I'm history. Fingers crossed, people.


Cabo Wabo and the Pig Plague: Wocka Wocka

Image courtesy of MosNews.com

I've spent the last 12 hours frenetically Googling the swine flu epidemic in anticipation of my Thursday vacay to Cabo. This emotional roller coaster, fueled by over-reactive media and gossipy acquaintances, is giving me early-onset dementia. "They're closing the borders!" "1,000 people in the US have died!" F that - I'm going to refrain from kissing farmers and licking pigs. I might steer clear of carnitas, just to be safe. Sad.

My favorite report of the day:

Swine Flu Panic: Bullshit
, by Hamilton Nolan, Gawker.com

Quickly, don your paper masks! Stay indoors! The dirty Mexican pig influenza is here, to sicken you! Wocka wocka.


"She say, I got a whole blunt in the morning. You know she get crazy in the morning. She say, well shit, you don't get to have none then. HA! Drop it likes its haaaawt. Drop it like it hot."

- anonymous man on the F train, 7:35 am.


Sweden's Got... Talent?

This clip from Sweden's Got Talent is disturbing and hilarious on so many levels. The most important being that I received this link from my mother...

Weekend Reading

Hanging Tough, by James Surowiecki, The New Yorker

Nielsen: Facebook Use Outstrips E-mail, The Deal

...and since 3 different people have recommended this article to me in the past 2 days, I'll read it again.
Wall Street on the Tundra, by Michael Lewis, Vanity Fair

...for when I get tired of reading: literal videos


Brains + Brawn = Bill


Older Smiling Man (otherwise known as ultra-creepy-old-guy-who-makes-me-want-to-wear-a-snowsuit-in-July)


World Wide Whine

Online spots to vent about your latest tragedy.

Legit problems: F My Life

Instructions: Tell about something unbelievably awful and wrap the story with "F my life"
Example: Today, I got T-boned by a woman going 60 mph. I was unconscious for hours while a tube was inserted into my collapsed lung. Upon waking up my 16-year old brother thought it would be hilarious to yank out my leg hairs. FML

BS problems: White Wine
Instructions: Typical poor-me whine fest for people mediocre problems
Example: “What’s with this winter dragging on and on? I just want to drive the Saab with the top down.”


It's Called, "The Internet"

"It's very hip to be on the Internet right now" - Bill Gates, 1995


Barack vs. Pirates

Pirates Killed, The Atlantic

Total Recall is Totally Happening

Amazing 3D immersion technology from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.


I Heart Mindy Kaling

I'm not sure how I missed this until now, but my favorite comedic actress/writer (Mindy Kaling, of The Office) has a blog. A semi-mindless journal about things she's bought that she likes - appropriately named, thingsiboughtthatilove.com.

In the words of Cher Horowitz, I am totally, butt-crazy in love with Mindy Kaling. I don't know if it's our shared love of words like douchebaggy and batshit crazy, or her tendency to address readers as "you guys" - but I literally cannot get my act together when I read this blog, my new guilty pleasure.

A few of my favorite recent posts:

Tiny Injustices

I particularly enjoy the opener:

This blog is for things that I bought that I love so much that I want to recommend them to other people. I know that it’s not a soapbox for me to rant. But then I was like: who made that rule? I can do whatever the F I want on my weird blog no one reads. If Bono can constantly be talking about Africa I can occasionally complain about tiny shit that bothers me. So I will gripe. A few things lately just seem so utterly beyond the pale to me...

Mindy, I hear you, girl! I now believe I have full license to rant and rave on this randy blog o' mine, because why the F not - what a dumb rule.

Holiday Ideers & Notions

A ruffled satin Prada bag from the resort collection. Unsane. $1295 at bergdorfgoodman.com I saw this at neiman marcus over Thanksgiving (my mom and I were walking through Neiman’s to get to the Food Court for burritos, full disclosure) and I made her come to the super luxe Prada bag section where it was just us two and this very serious well-dressed Persian lady who totally knew we weren’t going to buy anything. I made a big show of it like, “Oh, I would totally buy this, but it’s not exactly right.” and pretended like it was completely fine to drop over a thousand dollars on a non-functional ruffle purse. She didn’t buy it.

My mom basically lives in a mall. If I tossed a penny out her living room window it would land on the roof of Saks. Truly. So I have to walk through Saks to get to most things, like the gym (well, more often the food court) and I often stop and fake-browse so the salespeople don't bust me for using the leathergoods department as a thruway. What I'm saying is, Mindy might be my soul-sister.

The Double-Breasted Cardigan

Cardigans look great on everyone. You can look slinky or professorial depending on the cut, but they’re basically hard to mess up. So why try to improve an already great thing? Well, why add shimmer to eyeshadow? Things evolve, people, and make everyone’s lives easier. I think this is basically the thinking behind the Industrial Revolution.

Eyeshadow = evolution. Logically.


David Sedaris: Six to Eight Black Men


SeeqPod - Playable Search


Sasha's Allowance

Hilarious... I'm totally craving a juice box.

2008 Tax Records Reveal Sasha Obama Made $136 In Allowance Money, The Onion


Get Excited and Make Things

Latest and greatest from 20x200...

Get Excited And Make Things by Matt Jones (creator of the ever-popular Keep Calm and Carry On)


Jamey Haddad

A little fun for Friday - make your own album cover! Directions here.

Apparently my band, Jamey Haddad, put out an epic first album, Cross and Which to Burn - you saw it here first...


Daft Punk Console

Rad procrastination tool: The Daft Punk Console by Najle

Try typing in words for a new beat (and in some cases, a good laugh)


Gmail Autopilot: Effective Relationship Management

Too bad it's April Fools because I would definitely use this...

Gmail AutoPilot, Use case #2


Interesting blog post on famous painters who copied photographs to create their masterpieces...

Famous Painters Copied Photographs
, Fogonazos (See examples: Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec)