Cabo Wabo and the Pig Plague: Wocka Wocka

Image courtesy of MosNews.com

I've spent the last 12 hours frenetically Googling the swine flu epidemic in anticipation of my Thursday vacay to Cabo. This emotional roller coaster, fueled by over-reactive media and gossipy acquaintances, is giving me early-onset dementia. "They're closing the borders!" "1,000 people in the US have died!" F that - I'm going to refrain from kissing farmers and licking pigs. I might steer clear of carnitas, just to be safe. Sad.

My favorite report of the day:

Swine Flu Panic: Bullshit
, by Hamilton Nolan, Gawker.com

Quickly, don your paper masks! Stay indoors! The dirty Mexican pig influenza is here, to sicken you! Wocka wocka.