I Heart Mindy Kaling

I'm not sure how I missed this until now, but my favorite comedic actress/writer (Mindy Kaling, of The Office) has a blog. A semi-mindless journal about things she's bought that she likes - appropriately named, thingsiboughtthatilove.com.

In the words of Cher Horowitz, I am totally, butt-crazy in love with Mindy Kaling. I don't know if it's our shared love of words like douchebaggy and batshit crazy, or her tendency to address readers as "you guys" - but I literally cannot get my act together when I read this blog, my new guilty pleasure.

A few of my favorite recent posts:

Tiny Injustices

I particularly enjoy the opener:

This blog is for things that I bought that I love so much that I want to recommend them to other people. I know that it’s not a soapbox for me to rant. But then I was like: who made that rule? I can do whatever the F I want on my weird blog no one reads. If Bono can constantly be talking about Africa I can occasionally complain about tiny shit that bothers me. So I will gripe. A few things lately just seem so utterly beyond the pale to me...

Mindy, I hear you, girl! I now believe I have full license to rant and rave on this randy blog o' mine, because why the F not - what a dumb rule.

Holiday Ideers & Notions

A ruffled satin Prada bag from the resort collection. Unsane. $1295 at bergdorfgoodman.com I saw this at neiman marcus over Thanksgiving (my mom and I were walking through Neiman’s to get to the Food Court for burritos, full disclosure) and I made her come to the super luxe Prada bag section where it was just us two and this very serious well-dressed Persian lady who totally knew we weren’t going to buy anything. I made a big show of it like, “Oh, I would totally buy this, but it’s not exactly right.” and pretended like it was completely fine to drop over a thousand dollars on a non-functional ruffle purse. She didn’t buy it.

My mom basically lives in a mall. If I tossed a penny out her living room window it would land on the roof of Saks. Truly. So I have to walk through Saks to get to most things, like the gym (well, more often the food court) and I often stop and fake-browse so the salespeople don't bust me for using the leathergoods department as a thruway. What I'm saying is, Mindy might be my soul-sister.

The Double-Breasted Cardigan

Cardigans look great on everyone. You can look slinky or professorial depending on the cut, but they’re basically hard to mess up. So why try to improve an already great thing? Well, why add shimmer to eyeshadow? Things evolve, people, and make everyone’s lives easier. I think this is basically the thinking behind the Industrial Revolution.

Eyeshadow = evolution. Logically.