May Day, Cinco de Mayo Cumpleaños and a Pig Plague Pity Party

Thanks to over-reactive media and Mexican farmers doing god-knows-what to Babe, I've postponed/possibly canceled my birthday vacay to Cabo. Boo! What's the best way to deal with disappointment? Cocktails.

In the spirit of vengeance, I considered a pig roast in the park, but I'm unclear on the legality and feasibility of this plan, given the short lead time to track down a swine-on-a-stick. Instead, I've planned a gathering at Latin American Club tonight (an homage to Mexico) to celebrate May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Swine Flu and the fact that my birthday lands square in the middle of these events.

I've requested the following required attire:

Considering the direness of the situation, (level 5 pandemic, worldwide crisis, mass-death) perhaps my party is a bit déclassé, so apologies to anyone offended by the aforementioned plan.

My favorite Yelp post on L.A.C.:

Ahhh...the Pint of Margarita. It never fails to provide an evening of unpredictable excitement and intrigue. I try to cap it at one. Never go here in a snuggie, though, it's very packed, and therefore a tad warm.

I'll lend my ear to anyone who mentions Snuggies on Yelp...