The Boss Don't Quit

That man is a g-damn machine. Sixty years old and he plays for 3 hours straight, sweating through his beater and button up in the first 30 minutes, all after playing for 3 hours at Glastonbury the night before. Machine.

The only complaint I heard all night was a Brit and an Aussie bemoaning the fact that he never played Born in the USA. I conjectured that perhaps he doesn't play that song outside of the US, considering the majority of the crowd would not have been 'born in the USA.' Evidently this was not a good enough reason for these chaps, but secretly I was pleased, being the only American in the bunch and therefore sharing something special with The Boss that they did not.

Other than that, there was a lot of love for Brucie in Londontown, and I can say with confidence it was a top five performance for me...


***London Calling
She's The One
Outlaw Pete
Out In The Street
Working On A Dream
Johnny 99
***Good Lovin'
Bobby Jean
No Surrender
Waiting On A Sunny Day
Promised Land
Racing In The Street
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
***The Rising
***Born To Run
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Hard Times
American Land
Glory Days
***Dancing In The Dark

*** = my favorites of the night

The crowd...

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, by Stephen Dalton, Times Online

A little video...


Sustainability is like sex...


Belgian B.S.

"I feel asleep while the nice man was tattooing my face and didn't realize he was covering my mug with 8,000 little blue stars."


A New Way of Talking

Britishisms I'm picking up along the way, along with a (moderately) creative use in a sentence...

crap: This proposal is crap.
rubbish: We need new rubbish bins in the office.
zed: The alphabet includes letters A through Zed.
dental tape: On a recent visit to Boots, I asked the tender, "where is the floss" and he looked confused, because he calls it dental tape.
telly: Brits watch a lot of old American sitcoms on the telly.
chuck: We're encouraged to chuck rubbish in the rubbish bins.
dodgy: Luckily my corporate housing is not in a dodgy neighborhood.
football: David Beckham is great at football. Dan Marino is great at American football - LACES OUT!
trainers/trainies: I brought my trainies to work so I could go for a run.
blimey: Oh, blimey!
bollocks: Oh, bollocks!


Don't Talk Back to Darth Vadar

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How To Defend Yourself Against a Monster


London: Week 1

One week down, 5 to go...

Not that it's a countdown - sounds sort of doomsday that way, when really it will be terribly sad when the whole tour ends.

Wednesday to Saturday I was pretty worthless, recovering from jet lag and getting my bearings. I did start a pretty awesome tradition of eating my breakfast on the office roof deck...

Weekend was spent wandering my new neighborhood (Islington) and my old favorites, Chelsea and Fulham. I attended the Frock Me! Vintage fair, overindulged at friend's BBQ and attended a toga party chock-a-block with frat-tastic Americans dressed in sheets in the middle of central London. Because God forbid my first weekend of European acclimation be a total culture shock...

Last night I met up with some friends at the only certified-organic gastro pub in London, the Duke of Cambridge. A pint and a few wild boar sausages later, I'm thinking the organic movement in London is a very good thing. Also pretty happy about the two American-ized breakfast places I discovered on the walk over, The Diner and The Breakfast Club. In general, Brits don't have a good grasp of a quality breakfast, so good to know I can get an omelette nearby if need-be. FYI, a "traditional English breakfast" is a very different phenomenon that involves tomatos and beans. Sometimes a gherkin. Ick.

With week 2 underway, I'm getting excited for a Farringdon pub crawl with Max on his 11 hour layover en-route to India, planning a weekend trip to Copenhagen and a Sunday visit to Spitalfields Market.


"Friend of Yours?" asks Dodson