A New Way of Talking

Britishisms I'm picking up along the way, along with a (moderately) creative use in a sentence...

crap: This proposal is crap.
rubbish: We need new rubbish bins in the office.
zed: The alphabet includes letters A through Zed.
dental tape: On a recent visit to Boots, I asked the tender, "where is the floss" and he looked confused, because he calls it dental tape.
telly: Brits watch a lot of old American sitcoms on the telly.
chuck: We're encouraged to chuck rubbish in the rubbish bins.
dodgy: Luckily my corporate housing is not in a dodgy neighborhood.
football: David Beckham is great at football. Dan Marino is great at American football - LACES OUT!
trainers/trainies: I brought my trainies to work so I could go for a run.
blimey: Oh, blimey!
bollocks: Oh, bollocks!


Anonymous said...

Just don't be that annoying American who comes back from abroad and continues to uses those words.