The Noisettes at Rickshaw Stop

For a relatively anti-climatic new album, the Noisettes show last night was spectacular. Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa is total super-star - shockingly beautiful with seemingly limitless energy and a flare for the dramatic. Oh and she plays bass. That's rad, and she knows it.

She bounced around stage for a couple hours, her rich, raspy vocals never skipping a beat. Just when you thought she couldn't get much cooler, she emerged in the back of the club for her encore and literally swung from the rafters while belting a sultry ballad. If her band can settle on a theme (they waver between Sharon Jones-esque soul and Rolling Stones rock and are in desperate need of a more cohesive vibe, in my opinion) they could go a long way. That said, I'd prefer she fly solo. Shingai is a much better name anyway...