Bon Iver takes on The Fillmore

This one probably makes it onto my the Top Five Shows of All Time list...

Five favorite moments:

  1. Justin Vernon's "little brother" Mikey* covering Graham Nash's Simple Man.**
  2. Vernon, solo beneath a spotlight, for a moving performance of Re: Stacks. He skipped this one in last year's show at Outside Lands, so I was pretty happy he made up for it this time around.
  3. He wrapped the pre-encore show with a little audience participation I can actually appreciate. The crowd joined in for the repetition in The Wolves, climaxing in a mighty yell. Screaming = the ultimate release.
  4. As a band we only have, like, ten songs. So you know, we gotta stretch em out." - JV
  5. "Anyone like House of Nanking? I had lunch there today... the best lunch probably ever." - JV. Man knows his Chinese food.

* thanks to Wikipedia, I know Mikey is not Vernon's younger brother, but his former guitar student.
**Watch it for yourself: