Clean NYC in 2030

NO TRASH NYC 2030 from IDEO on Vimeo.


Reason #531 Facebook is F-ed

This is just wrong...

"Facebook to keep profiles of the dead," NPR


Leave It To Lamas?

Um, no. Why?

"May there be many adventures on the road to our adventure."
- Lorenzo Lamas, to his date

And, we're done.


Maeda + Burt Inspiration

The latest from 20x200:

think-make-think (second editon) by Clifton Burt, based on a haiku by John Maeda.

How do I feel about haikus? Like this:

at Threadless


Recipe: The Violet Beauregarde

The Violet Beauregarde*

1 oz gin (we recommend New Amsterdam, which is both thrifty and decent)
3 oz tonic
A splash of violet liqueur (we recommend Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette, available at Zipp’s)
Lowball glass

Throw four or five small ice cubes into the lowball glass. Pour in an ounce of gin, and then three ounces of tonic. Stir briefly. Splash in enough violet liqueur to give the drink a light purple tint — use restraint!

Read more here.

Shadow Puppets for Grown-Ups



You Learn Something New Every Day...

As long as you look at this website, anyway...

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