I'm way late to this party, but way to go Greyson!! Someone sign this child ASAP.


Mood Music

Interesting new mashup: mood rings vs. Pandora.

Learn more about stereomood.


Kids and Raisins

Here's a funny example of how little kids can be so easy to please (ie: wrapping paper and cardboard boxes can be more thrilling than the toy inside) and how they grow up SO quickly...

Raisins 2007: click here.


A Moment in New York Time

A pretty amazing photography experiment, geo-tagging and mapping images from around the world at the same moment in time on May 2, 2010.

"A Moment In Time," New York Times
See it here.


A Carly Misstep

How this made it to production I will never understand...

"The Worst Political Ad Ever? This Fiorina Offering Has Got To Be Up There," NPR